SHE SPARKLES… helping you to take back your power, reclaim your life and re-find your sparkle

Are you struggling to rebuild your life, your self esteem and to fill those enormously uncomfortable voids?


Has your relationship left you feeling lost, empty, confused and alone, like your identity has totally gone?


Are you feeling afraid and unsure, with no idea what on earth to do next, to help you move forward?


Are you feeling confused by all that has happened, and exhausted because they just can't seem to leave you alone?


Do you feel like you’ve been going round and round in circles, getting no where fast, feeling more and more alone?

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I am here for you!

Narcissistic Abuse is literally soul-destroying and can leave you feeling so empty, lost and alone, and when you finally find the courage to leave with a hope to feel better, you soon come to realise you actually feel worse, far far worse. It’s then that the reality hits home as to just how much of your beautiful self you have sacrificed and lost

It breaks my heart to know that you might be struggling and feeling this same way. There are so many beautiful souls out there, not even yet recognising that what they are experiencing is actually abuse. Sadly over time, little by little, it has just become their new ‘normal’

Raising awareness for Narcissistic Abuse is such an important mission of mine, knowing how detrimental it can be to both yours and your children’s mental health and well-being. I had to do something to help drive change, and so ‘She Sparkles’ was born. I am here for you!

Here to COMFORT YOU to let you know you’re not alone

Here to INSPIRE YOU to recognise and act on the red flags

Here to EMPOWER YOU to know that there is a more beautiful life ahead

Having somebody to talk to, somebody who understands exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through is something that not everybody has, but something everybody healing from a Narcissistically Abusive relationship really needs

You can have the most wonderful friends and family supporting you, but unless they’ve been through what you are going through, it really is so hard for them to understand why you’re still feeling so empty, lost and alone so many months on, why you’re not yet feeling ‘better’, and why you’re still feeling the need to talk through what happened in the relationship over and over again, because for you, you’re still trying to come to terms with, and make sense of all that happened

I am so grateful to be here for you and can’t wait to begin to help you…

take back your power, reclaim your life and refind your sparkle
take back your power, reclaim your life and refind your sparkle


Click the link below to book your FREE 30 minute session. This is your beautiful invitation to be deeply appreciated and heard, something I’m sure due to the nature of your relationship, you’ve have been missing out on for some time now. It’s your chance to share where you are on your journey and what the major struggles are that you are trying to deal with, then together we will discuss how best the ‘She Sparkles’ platform and I can help you

Beyond the ‘here to comfort you’ 1:1 discovery sessions if you decide you’ll like me to help you on this difficult journey,  there are some beautiful healing options, it’s really about what feels right and necessary for you at that moment in time. You could choose my ‘here to inspire you’ programme 4 bespoke tailor-made sessions for you offering immediate, support, help and guidance. My 12 Steps to FREEDOM ‘here to empower you’ programme (part in-person, part self-study), and if you’re feeling it hard at the moment and fancy a SUNSHINE BREAK, that same programme can be taken in person with me in my beautiful home in Spain AT NO EXTRA COST – just the responsibility to pay for your flight and meals whilst there. The home will be your home for the full five days – you can swim in the pool, read or rest on the sea-viewed terrace, workout in the gym, walk the beach, take a stroll around the shops… it’ll be your time to do exactly as you please and over the course of those 5 days, we’ll do the programme in person together. I’m here for you

I am honestly so truly grateful to have had you find us today, and look forward to helping you get started on your healing journey. Sending you so much love,

Johanne xx


Helping you, means the world to me, and I am honestly so excited with what is being created for you. Recovering from a  toxic or abusive relationship is so much more painful and hard then anyone could possibly imagine, which is why I have made it the mission of ‘She Sparkles’, to help make your journey into your NEW LIFE just that little bit easier, but before I show you around your new ‘home’, I’d love to invite you to take a moment to CLICK THE LINK BELOW to answer 3 very important questions

How you feel matters to me, and it’s my mission to make sure that ‘She Sparkles’ offers everything it possibly can, to help you on your personal journey

She Sparkles front view of mansion house
She Sparkles Your Home Floor Plan
She Sparkles being created with you, for you
She Sparkles being created with you, for you

‘She Sparkles’ helping you find THE KEY to your beautiful new life…

 Having spent months and months trawling the internet, I soon came to realise that there was no one place for ladies to go to get the help, support and guidance that they need at a time when they need it most, which is what was the inspiration for creating this platform for you. The mission of ‘She Sparkles’ is to become your one-stop-shop for anything and everything you might need to help you on your recovery journey

Each room in the home, as it is launched, has been created to help you in a different way. The Zen-Den for example will be your room to focus on self-love and self-care. The Gym home of lots of workbooks and exercises to help you move into your new exciting chapter. The Library a fact-finding room, because you’re still trying to understand and come to terms with all that has happened. Which room do you think you’d be looking to visit first?

I cannot wait to push the ‘share’ button on this with you, but in the meantime invite you to click the HELP US HELP YOU button (to answer 3 questions about how best the site could help you right now), the TELL ME MORE button to join our ‘She Sparkles’ mailing list (to be the first to know as the platform fully launches and each room becomes available), and the SOFA CHAT WITH JO button (because you feel you need help more than ever right now, and you’re ready to get started on your healing journey)



I believe that some people are by divine purpose just meant to be in your life. That is certainly true for Johanne. We met on a very special meditation and manifestation retreat in Mykonos and deeply connected right away with both of us healing from a toxic relationship.

Back then I still thought, that mine wasn’t quite as abusive, only to be hit full force by my ex-partner’s violence and abuse after returning home. I was and still am blessed with a lot of support from family, friends and even strangers. But I found, that no one will truly understand how you feel and what you’re going through when fighting your way out of an abusive relationship, unless they’ve been there themselves. The complete emptiness and devastation, the realisation that you’ve lost yourself over time in that relationship and have to rediscover who you really are, the utter exhaustion and weariness… that myriad of feelings paired with the constant mind games and power plays of the narcissist you’re trying to free yourself from, but who’s doing everything to make sure he‘s still dominating you or at least making you pay dearly for leaving him.

Johanne has been my anchor and my light in this rock bottom time. I don’t know what I would’ve done or where I would be now without her encouraging and empowering me, cheering me on, bathing me in her love and helping me understand and anticipate the moves of a narcissistic mind trying to keep dominating you. She has such a special way of making you feel truly seen, heard and loved. She knows how to ask all the right questions to get to the core of things. I remember one night in Mykonos. we were in conversation with another lady and I watched Johanne in awe, because by just being herself she magically knows how to help others to open up and start to blossom. She is full of wisdom and a true source of inspiration, that comes from having been there herself and having taken one step at a time to claim back her life and the flame and sparkle within her.

I am beyond happy for Johanne and grateful to her, that she has created this platform to reach out and to help women like us. She will meet you on your unique path, walk alongside you and help you heal and rekindle your own sparkle.

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If only She Sparkles was around when I left the domestic abusive relationship I was in back in 2007.

So many emotions were running through me when I left; I felt depressed, worthless, anxious, scared and ashamed by what had happened. I had no idea how to move forward with my life, and I had no idea who to turn to for help; I really did feel like I was stuck in an rut. I ended up going to my GP, as that was the only outlet I felt I had at the time, apart from my family and friends.

She Sparkles would’ve been the lifeline that I needed. Being a one-stop online platform offering an array of free and paid resources; it would’ve provided me with access to the information I would’ve required to move my life forward step by step and I’m sure would’ve given me hope in positively doing so with access to the right support on so many levels.

What Johanne has created with this platform is absolutely amazing and will give hope and support to many women to reclaim their ‘sparkle’ 😊

Portrait of the testimonial author